The Concept
Investment banking as a profession is catching up in India. We opine that the number of deals and deals sizes in the coming years will show geometric growth. We look forward to serving the IB community & the Indian corporates in this growth. We envisage the study of investment banking & the job opportunities in IB to grow from its nascent stage to over a hundred times. We intend to offer multiple programs in the field of Investment banking and project finance. We envisage our program to highly compliment a MBA / CA program and would further help strategy, finance & Investment banking practitioners upgrade their knowledge with the convenience of a program based on industry interaction and research. There is a definite need for such a program in Investment banking since this is a growing field and more so since there are no quality educational programs currently being offered within this arena. We intend to fill this gap.
Program Details
We offer multiple programs catering to various segments across students and professionals. /
Investment Banking is a vast field and highly competitive business. It is our earnest desire to ensure that our student benefit greatly from our programs. We look forward to authoring and compiling world class study material for our students. The Indus team is currently working on developing a portion / study material. We are happy at the industry support we have garnered and are certain that the outcome will be world class.
We also look forward to guidance from investment bankers, professors & industry professionals. We welcome portion guidelines and teaching methodology guidelines. Moreover we are keen to learn from various experiences of investment bankers, professors and industry professionals across streams. We also welcome book, case studies & learning material authored / compiled on the subject.
Joint Branding
We are open to partnerships and joint branding for our programs. Please write to us for the same.
Mentoring Board
Industry and thought leaders from across the world will form a part of our mentoring board and advisory council. We are in the process of inviting senior professionals. Please write in to us with nominations.
Professors & Teaching staff
We invite qualified professionals to join us as full time / part time professors / guest lecturers.
Contact details Paresh Sheth Chief Executive +919820608727
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